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Donation to the PSF


Thank you for your donation to Pyjamas Conf 2022 Thank you for all the support to Pyjamas Conf 2022. We have gathered around USD $280 from donation and we have now donated them to the Python Software Foundation. Stay tuned to more news about Pyjamas Conf. In the mean time, you can still buy merch from our merchshops. continue reading

Merch shop launch


Do you want some cool Pyjamas Merch? Because of a lot of requests in the past years. We have finally launch our merch shop this year. And yes, there are Pyjamas pyjamas available to purchase. You can choose to shop at our UK/EU shop or our US shop. Our merch shop does not put a margin on the products, meaning that we are not making profits fro... continue reading

Pyjamas 2022


It has been 3 years! Now the 4th Edition of Pyjamas Conf is coming!! I am so glad that we are still doing it! First it was unexpected that we have this conference going and through the pandemic. As we promised, we will still be doing a online 24-hours conference when the world is opening up again. Over the years, we have heard many encounrging... continue reading

Announcing Another Lazy Python Conference!


3 years in a row, you can lazily sit at our coach to join a Python Conference worldwide! Being tired of all the conferences that happened online? Don’t worry, we are different from the other online tech conference. We are totally community-run and very chill. The conference is free! There will be a 24 hours (almost non-stop) stream of your f... continue reading

Tickets on sale & partnership news!


Tickets are out! We are so very excited to announce that Pyjamas tickets are now on sale! You can get your them here: I thought it was free?! The conference is free for everyone, the money you see there is a suggested donation. So you can choose to delete the value or keep it as a donation. Microsoft partnership We are also... continue reading

CfP Workshop - Ask me anything


Let’s do it together We know that speaking at a conference, especially for the first time, can be scary at first. But it’s a wonderful experience sharing your story to Pythonistas around the world. We would like to help, we would like to make it easy for you. We also want to hear different voices in the Python community so we don’t want you, w... continue reading

Community Space - what is it?


The call for proposals for Pyjamas was launched just a few days ago and we are so excited organising everything that we decided clarify one of our favourite features about Pyjamas… the Community Space! But what is a Community Space? - you might ask. Great question, Padawan! The aim is to have an independent track for your local community wi... continue reading

Announcing Pyjamas Conf!


It is with a lot of excitement that we announce Pyjamas 2020 (2nd edition), this time worldwide! Before COVID-19 struck us all with lockdown-news, the idea to host an online conference with tracks with speakers from all over the world on a 24 hours-format was already consolidated. Pyjamas came from the need to bring more diversity in all fronts... continue reading

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