Community Space - what is it?


The call for proposals for Pyjamas was launched just a few days ago and we are so excited organising everything that we decided clarify one of our favourite features about Pyjamas…

the Community Space!

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But what is a Community Space? - you might ask.

Great question, Padawan!

The aim is to have an independent track for your local community within our comfy conference. So that we encourage engagement from local/small communities everywhere.

How will it work?

We will allocate rooms with time blocks (min. 2 hours) which will be given to community members who submit a Community Space (CS) proposal. The plans for the event are all based on your wishes. It will be your event after all, we will just help you with the setup, space and guidance - if it is required.

Who is this Space for? Shall I submit a proposal?

If you are part of a community and wish to gather some speakers and host a mini-conference (or host any event of your choosing) in your own main-language (or not), or maybe you wish to host informal discussions of Python-related topics… this is your chance! It is literally open for YOU.

And we hope everyone can make good use of it.

We want to give the small communities the chance to step forward and be part of the Global Python one. After all, we are all under the same open source.

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They say the Devil is in the details - Proposal submission


The proposal submission for this community space is super simple. We will need:

  • the time (with timezone) and duration of your event;
  • a basic outline describing the type of event you plan to host - please, be as detailed as possible;
  • an estimate of the expected capacity (number of attendees) for your Python-party serious event;
  • the community you are affiliated with (e.g., PyLadies, DjangoGirls, PyData, TransCode, etc).
  • any other info we should be aware about - be the judge!

As always we want to make sure everything is in agreement with our Code of Conduct, so make sure you have a read and behave! We love everyone and really ruins our day to be ‘nasty’ to attendees. We will if you misbehave, though.

The approved proposals will receive news from the organising committee with the followup details.

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We are so excited to see what you are all going to come up with! Please keep the talk proposals coming and if you want to do a little bit more, apply to be a volunteer. We need Reviewers, Organisers and all else, Python-related or not. Leave a comment below if you are interested.

If you have any questions, wish to apply for a Community Space on Pyjamas or simply wish to help with volunteering, head over to our website or send us DM on twitter at @pyjamasaconf.

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