Pyjamas Conf 2022


Saturday, November 26th, 2022 - Sunday, November 27th, 2022

Recording of talks on YouTube Get me some Merch!!!

About Pyjamas Conf 2022

Main Conference on YouTube
Main Conference on YouTube

24 hours streaming of talks about Python and connecting with Python communities around the world that you can access at home.

Community Space on Discord
Community Space on Discord

Connect between all attendees around the world, come in and chat.

Latest news

Donation to the PSF

Thank you for your donation to Pyjamas Conf 2022 Thank you for all the support to Pyjamas Conf 2022. We have gathered around USD $280 from donation and we have now donated them to the Python Software Foundation. Stay tuned to more news about Pyj... continue reading

Merch shop launch

Do you want some cool Pyjamas Merch? Because of a lot of requests in the past years. We have finally launch our merch shop this year. And yes, there are Pyjamas pyjamas available to purchase. You can choose to shop at our UK/EU shop or our US sho... continue reading


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