Announcing Another Lazy Python Conference!


3 years in a row, you can lazily sit at our coach to join a Python Conference worldwide!

Being tired of all the conferences that happened online? Don’t worry, we are different from the other online tech conference. We are totally community-run and very chill.

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The conference is free! There will be a 24 hours (almost non-stop) stream of your favourite talks by your favourite speakers about anything (that is interesting to a Pythonista). Besides, you can chat with your Python friends that you have not met in a long while, or make new Python friends that are 100 miles away.

Last year we have lots of fun connecting 1000+ Pythonistas worldwide drinking chocolate and showing off our favourite onesies. Check out our Twitter and see.

When is it going to happen?

Saturday, December 4th 2021, everywhere on Earth (we will be running for 24 hours, for the exact conference starting time check here).

CfP is now open! Become a Python speaker today!

If you want to contribute more to the conference, you are welcome to submit your proposal so we can have you and your brilliant ideas in our talk lineups! We are open to any topics that Pythonistas will be interested in and welcome speakers from all backgrounds: new speakers, speakers from minority groups.

Details please check out out CfP page.

We are also looking for reviewers to help review all the amazing proposals that we are receiving.


Pyjamas Conf aims to include the community around the world that is not necessarily able to join physical conferences around the world due to many reasons. We are a free conference where anyone can join either to attend, volunteer and/or advocate for Python. We will broadcast the tracks on our YouTube channels for 24 hours. Everyone can join anytime, anywhere (and in their pyjamas).

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See you all in Pyjamas Conf 2021! I am going back to bed now.

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