Tickets on sale & partnership news!


Tickets are out!

We are so very excited to announce that Pyjamas tickets are now on sale!

You can get your them here:

I thought it was free?!

The conference is free for everyone, the money you see there is a suggested donation. So you can choose to delete the value or keep it as a donation.

Microsoft partnership

Microsoft logo

We are also proud to announce Microsoft as our Cashmere sponsor for Pyjamas 2020!

Win 95 celebration dance

What got the organising team doing the Win 95 launch dance (social distancing, of course).


  • Buy tickets
  • It’s gonna be cool
  • You’re gonna see Microsoft on cashmere
  • Tell everyone and invite your friends!

Finally, there will be SWAG!

There will be swag

We are very excited to have you all joining us for the cosiest Python conference around the block!

So grab your prettiest onesie, sit tight with your teddy bears and come and join us for 24 hours of Python-fun!

We wait for you there!


And the call for volunteers is still going on: we need organisers and all else, Python-related or not. Leave a comment below if you are interested.

If you have any questions, wish to apply for a Community Space on Pyjamas or simply wish to help with volunteering, head over to our website or send us DM on twitter at @pyjamasaconf.

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